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“I create figurative oil paintings that empower women and reflect upon the human experience.” — Debra Lott

Q&A How true are you to your artist statement? I’m often described as a social commentary artist. Most of the paintings I create are about women and empowerment. My portfolio includes socially conscious themes about privilege, abuse, marginalization, self-identity and body image. As a feminist artist, my journey is assimilated into each of my paintings, as well as the shared female experience.

I make a visual statement of women exhibiting strength, perseverance and resilience. My five solo exhibits at Pyro Gallery in Louisville have featured: the marginalized elderly woman, the mass media’s portrayal of women, the #METOO movement, and Women Stronger Together. I’ve received three Kentucky Foundation for Women grants to support these exhibits; KFW’s mission is to promote positive social change by supporting various feminist expression.....<more>

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