Painter Debra Lott ( has something important to say with her art, and she said she’s “often referred to as a social commentary artist.” Her latest commission is at the new Norton Cancer Institute on Brownsboro Road, with the opening ceremony on Oct. 24.

LEO: What type of artist are you?
Debra Lott: My paintings often embody the female form, specifically women adjusting and coping with contemporary challenges. I’ve...

Some people see ribbons and strings as tools that hold things together, that keep things from falling apart. Debra Lott sees them differently. Ribbons bind and trap. In her paintings, they wrap and tangle around women — a metaphor for silencing victims of sexual abuse. But there’s hope and healing in Lott’s work; the ribbons ensnare women, but the women take those ribbons in their hands, unraveling themselves from bondage. “Th...

New paintings by Debra Lott with guest artists Meg White and Rachel Gibbs will take place at Pyro Gallery now through Oct. 20. Debra Lott is recognized for her figurative paintings that feature and uplift women. In her most recent body of work, Lott spotlights the current “#MeToo” movement where she reveals pivotal moments when women break free from the culture of sexual harassment... (click for article)

As the Me Too movement endeavors to move past its status as the hottest cultural trend of 2017 and mature into real, substantive, and long-lasting change, how many people, especially men, are patiently waiting for it to fade away so things can return to “normal”? Will the “Me Too” flag survive the all-too-brief attention span of the American populace to remain a rallying cry in the years to come?... (Click for more)

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September 10. 2018
Debra Lott’s latest series of paintings cover familiar territory for her — they’re large, and they’re of women. What’s different is the timely purpose and message of the #MeToo movement. “The inspirations for this series are the women breaking the silence of sexual abuse,” said Lott. “The subjects of these paintings are survivors… I’ve integrated white cords that are symbolic of the ‘attached strings’ that have manipulated women. They are breaking.” Her guest co-exhibitors are sculptor Meg White and painter Rachel Gibbs. A reception is being held during the Sept. 7 Republic Bank First Friday Hop from 6 to ...more

Artist Debra Lott has spent much of her time as an artist painting and drawing portraits of women using an Expressionist-tinged style to convey emotion and meaning. Her current offering, “#MeToo: From Silent to Resilient,” opens at PYRO Gallery on Friday, Sept. 7, and she’s joined by the sculptor Meg White and the painter Rachel Gibbs.

Lott is a south Florida native but has made Louisville her home and is a longtime member of PYRO Gallery, where she’s been a part of six major exhibitions.

Her first focus as a painter was nature. But her mentor, the seminal EC Comics illustrator Graham Ingels, persuaded her to shift her perspective.


Debra Lott | Courtesy of LVA

“I was only interested in trees — I lived in south Florida, painting the ocean, all of that. And Graham really persuaded me to start learning portraiture,” she tells Insider.

Ingels was primarily known as a comic book artist. His early work at EC Comics featured lurid victims and monsters in horror stories.


Vignette: Debra Lott

AUGUST 31, 2018

"No Strings Attached" by Debra Lott, Oil on Canvas, 48x48in, 2018

Debra Lott’s most recent Artist’s Statement begins by recognizing that she, “is recognized for her figurative paintings that feature and uplift women. “ It’s a true enough statement, and the observation of her women is filled with tenderness and vulnerability. Because her human subjects are always female, one might imagine that she views these characteristics as inherent to women, yet an extended view of her work somehow expands our sense of her themes to be more universal than that.

In her most recent exhibition at Pyro Gallery, Lott places her work in the context of the current “#METOO” movement where she, “reveals pivotal moments when women break free from the culture of sexual harassment.” In these images, the artist once again makes the connection between that vulnerability and how it is the root of strength and resiliency. We grow from the recognition of our frailty...MORE

The anxiety of accidentally misplacing one’s phone, the fear that arrives of potentially missing important updates that could literally mean life or death is a reality all too real for many. It has become the norm of the 21st century to constantly check our phones and other devices for any signs of life; signs of connectivity to the world and others. We have become dependent to our devices, and humanity is slowly merging with and becoming inseparable from technology. The lines are almost totally blurred between man and machine but not only at a physical level, but now also delving deep within the emotional realm of the human psyche. That is exactly what Debra Lott beautifully illustrates in her oil painting series “The Human Condition“.


In her paintings, Debra depicts a colorful array of invasive wires, travelling between outlets and cybernetic implants, appearing almost constricting. According to the artist herself, the series visualizes the evolution of inter-relationship and....(cont)

~ Emanuel Iral, Director of Visual Art, U.S. Transhumanist Party, November 11, 2017

Pigment Gallery at Mellwood Art Center is showing new work by painter Debra Lott alongside a selection from six previous series of her paintings.

Lott primarily paints women and her work endeavors to bring recognition to the preconceived notions about a women's body and what damage that can do to relationships, as well as how seeing beyond those notions can free women and men from confusion.

“Like most artists, I’m just responding to my world,” wrote Lott about her work. “My recent figurative oil paintings reflect our society’s love and obsession of self and the uncertainty of a world where the virtual and authentic collide and confuse.”
WHEN: Through April 20. Artist reception, 6-8 p.m., Friday, March 31.

WHERE: Pigment Gallery, Mellwood Art Center, 1860 Mellwood Ave. 

COST: Free admission. Gallery hours, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

INFORMATION: 502-426-1328

See Debra Lott and Mike McCarthy’s two-person show “Human-Nature” at Pyro Gallery at 909 East Market Street, through October 8, 2016. They are open Thursday through Saturday from 12 PM to 6 PM. The exhibit is also a stop on the First Friday Trolley Hop October 7th from 5 PM to 9 PM. Find more information at

A new exhibit in the East Market District aims to empower women by looking at how the mass media portrays women. 

Pyro Gallery presents Human-Nature, Healing with Art which features works by artists Debra Lott and Mike McCarthy.

Lott has been an artist most of her life. As a mother of a daughter and a retired high school teacher, she said she noticed how the media portrays a woman's figure. She hopes her 12 paintings raise awareness and educates young girls and women on reality.