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From Silent to Resilient

All work is for sale unless otherwise noted. To request price of specific works click here.

In my most recent body of work, the paintings are created in the context of the “# ME TOO” movement at the pivotal moment women break free from the culture of sexual harassment. The inspirations for this series are the women breaking the silence of sexual abuse. They are the community of survivors who are in the process of healing and moving forward together. The actual subjects of these paintings are survivors and
represent ‘The Silence Breakers’. To visually communicate the sexual harassment and abuse I’ve incorporated white ribbons and cords into the paintings as symbols of bondage - the ‘attached strings’ that have manipulated women and muffled their voices. The ribbons are
unraveling; they are breaking. For me this exhibit encourages victims, gives them a voice and promotes healing and hope. The paintings celebrate women standing together, leaning on and aiding one another to encourage healing.”

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