A Q&A with painter Debra Lott - LEO Weekly October 24, 2018

Painter Debra Lott (debralott.com) has something important to say with her art, and she said she’s “often referred to as a social commentary artist.” Her latest commission is at the new Norton Cancer Institute on Brownsboro Road, with the opening ceremony on Oct. 24. LEO: What type of artist are you? Debra Lott: My paintings often embody the female form, specifically women adjusting and coping with contemporary challenges. I’ve been painting compositions of the female figure for the last 20 years that feature and uplift women. I’ve been told that I’m the type of artist that expresses meaning in...(Click for article)

Painting the #MeToo Movement / Louisville Magazine - October 1, 2018

Some people see ribbons and strings as tools that hold things together, that keep things from falling apart. Debra Lott sees them differently. Ribbons bind and trap. In her paintings, they wrap and tangle around women — a metaphor for silencing victims of sexual abuse. But there’s hope and healing in Lott’s work; the ribbons ensnare women, but the women take those ribbons in their hands, unraveling themselves from bondage. “They are all at that pivotal point where they are breaking free,” Lott says. Lott’s work is the focal point of an exhibit at Pyro Gallery. “From Silent to Resilient,” on display ...(click for article)

Uplifting, Watching and Soloing - / The Voice Tribune - September 12, 2018

New paintings by Debra Lott with guest artists Meg White and Rachel Gibbs will take place at Pyro Gallery now through Oct. 20. Debra Lott is recognized for her figurative paintings that feature and uplift women. In her most recent body of work, Lott spotlights the current “#MeToo” movement where she reveals pivotal moments when women break free from the culture of sexual harassment... (click for article)

September Women - Debra Lott / Arts-Lousiville.com September 14, 2018

As the Me Too movement endeavors to move past its status as the hottest cultural trend of 2017 and mature into real, substantive, and long-lasting change, how many people, especially men, are patiently waiting for it to fade away so things can return to “normal”? Will the “Me Too” flag survive the all-too-brief attention span of the American populace to remain a rallying cry in the years to come?... (Click for more)

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