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Two Paintings selected for Owensboro Museum of Fine Art Exhibit!

I'm excited to announce that two of my paintings have been selected for the

Owensboro Art Guild 55th Juried Exhibition

Opening Reception and Awards Presentation: this Saturday, February 25th, 6;30-8:30

The selected paintings, At Arm's Length and Going to Great Lengths can be seen on my web site and are part of a body of work titled, Human-Nature. These oil paintings are created and inspired from observation, they are my response to our society as reflected in the mass media. For the most part, they’re commentaries about the mass media’s portrayal of flawless standards of beauty and our society’s love and obsession with self. The techniques in At Arm's Length include distortion and elongation of limbs with exaggerated facial expressions that give the appearance of a carefree and happy society. Expressive brushstrokes and theatrical color schemes help convey cultural media hype. In Going to Great Lengths, I began experimenting with a technique I labeled, “segmentation" . I used lined segments to break up or deconstruct the perfect female form. These segments can be compared to pixels (although on a much larger scale) which are commonly seen in digital photography and used in photo-shop by the media to help create the idealized woman.

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